Petition to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides in Regina, SK


I am unable to comprehend how we are still fighting the rampant use of pesticides/herbicides in Regina ... over 10 years later. There has been some progress - elementary school yards are no longer sprayed, but the level spraying of Regina is absolutely absurd!
Please sign the petition if you agree, and spread this widely to your colleagues. Sincerely, Tanya
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Thank you for signing my petition: Don't abandon Regina's proposed cosmetic pesticide ban!!

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Don't abandon Regina's proposed cosmetic pesticide ban!

After its April 2012 recommendation to ban the use of cosmetic pesticides in the city of Regina, the city's Environmental Advisory Committee is now abandoning its original recommendation after pressure from business and stakeholders.

Pesticides can cause health issues in adults and children, including cancer, reproductive and nervous system problems. As an individual citizen and small businessperson in Regina, I am deeply concerned with our city's determination to place the health of the pesticide and lawn care industries above the health of our children and communities.

On Thursday, June 7 at 5:30pm, the Environmental Advisory Committee will meet again. Please sign this petition (or come to Thursday's meeting at City Hall) to let our municipal leaders know we want to see Regina move in the direction of other progressive communities and ban the use of cosmetic pesticides.

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