Open Call for New RCE Applications 2012

Dear RCE colleagues,

UNU is now calling for applications for new RCEs for 2011. Kindly please find the attached letter and also visit the UNU-IAS website ( for more information.

Our RCE community is expanding year by year thanks to each local ESD practitioners and coordinators’ contribution / endeavor in every countries. As of January 2012, there are one hundred acknowledged RCEs all over the world!

Toward 2014 and beyond, UNU-IAS will encourage building broader & stronger networks in order to enable their activities sustainable & tangible, and thus it would be most appreciated if you connect & support each other as RCE community members. Please disseminate this information through your lines of communication.

Here is the information for applicants;

-Those organisations who are interested in initiating the RCE process and applying to become an RCE are requested to send expressions of interest to UNU-IAS by Monday, 9 April 2012.

-RCE candidates are then requested to submit an application and an application summary by Monday, 4 June 2012. The Secretariat will communicate with the applicants in July and August, so that applications can be developed in time for the Ubuntu Committee Meeting in the last quarter of this year.

-UNU does not require that a specific format be followed for the main application document, as long as all the required information is provided. The required form for the application summary can be downloaded from the Education for Sustainable Development Programme website at (see “Open Call for RCE applications 2012”). Please refer to the website's RCE application guidelines for full details.

-Expressions of interest, applications and application summaries should be sent electronically to the Global RCE Service Centre at

Though the application reviewing process, we would like existing RCE members to assist to review & make comments on applications.  The Global RCE Service Centre will inquire whether you can be peer reviewers for candidates after the application process started in June with a relevant TOR. We appreciated if you would take this role for capacity building of new potential RCEs!

Thank you for your kind assistance, and look forward to further collaboration.

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