Lumsden Community Compost

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Rhonda Phillips
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The project is a design of a community composting system that is cost effective.

The financial analysis shows that, by selling the compost produces as a fertilizer, the costs incurred in starting up and running a community compost can be covered.

This project addresses the issue of garbage or waste going to a landfill. It shows that there are economically feasible alternatives that divert organics from the landfill. These organics, while breaking down, produce greenhouse gases in the form of carbon dioxide and methane. Production of methane is eliminated with the composting process. Even though carbon dioxide would still be produced by decomposition in a compost this is mitigated by the fact that the soil enhancement would increase plant growth and absorption of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.

The project is targeted at municipal governments.

This is a design that is being taken to the Canada Wide Science Fair having placed second at the Qu'Appelle Valley Regional Science Fair.

The project was completed February to May 2011.

It came about as a result of being assigned an action project in school.

The accomplishments to date are: 1. The confirmation that people would participate in a community composting system and would purchase the compost. 2. The financial analysis showing that the project would be cost effective.

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The project was completed February to May 2011.

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The students in the formal education system are making a link to the informal through the science fair network and the non formal as they communicate with elected officials in communities.

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High school
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