Latest RCE Bulletin (Issue 15) and Invitation for Contributions to Upcoming Bulletin

Dear all,

Please find attached and on our website ( the latest issue of the RCE Bulletin. The Bulletin summarizes much of the work that RCEs accomplished in 2011.

We hope, in 2012, to publish the RCE Bulletin more regularly. To that end, we are already soliciting stories and articles for the next edition.

We are of course open to any material you’d like to submit for the next bulletin but we are specifically interested in articles related to Rio +20 and on the following thematic issues:

Sustainable Consumption and Production I

Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity

Well-being, Livelihood & Poverty Reduction

Higher Education

Climate Change


Teacher Education and Better Schools

We are also hoping to profile key leaders in each of our RCE communities – this could be anyone from a distinguished educator to a young child who’s active in his or her community.

If you have ideas of people to profile or article submissions, please contact Anna Dirksen at


The RCE Service Centre team

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