Invitation to the 6th Global RCE Conference: Upcoming Registration Deadline of Sept. 16

Dear RCE Saskatchewan Members, Supporters, and Partners:

Please see below the invitation fromt the Global RCE Service Centre regarding the upcoming Global RCE Conference in the Netherlands from November 20-23. Also, please see the attached program for the conference. There are a number or areas of research and education in sustainable development that the conference will be focusing on listed in the program (see attached program). I will be attending and would be happy to assist RCE Saskatchewan members who would also like to attend. Attending this event is an excellent opportunity for our RCE Saskatchewan members, supporters, and partner organizations to see the potential of the global RCE network firsthand. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or interest. My work number in Regina is 585-5295 and my e-mail address is

Best wishes,

--Roger Petry

Dear RCE Colleagues,

This is a gentle reminder in order to encourage you to register officially to the 6th Global RCE Conference in Kerkrade, the Netherlands by Friday 9th September for persons who need financial support of the UNU-IAS, and by Friday 16th September for others.

For the purpose of knowing participants’ interests and requests of accommodation, visa and others, we would like to close registration in above time. Please kindly fill the form even tentatively if you are interested in attending the conference.

You can go to the RCE Registration Site from this link -

For the further details of the conference, please kindly see an attached programme.  When you have any inquiries regarding the registration, please feel free to contact the Global RCE Service Centre (

Thank you for your cooperation.

Global RCE Service Centre


6th Global RCE Conference 2011_progamme_July2011.pdf345.33 KB