Improving health care

I would like to wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year.

2011 has been a busy and productive year for the Foresight Group at Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (AITF).

We concluded a major Foresight project on Improving the Health of Canadians In a Single Generation. The work started with the Jasper Innovation Forum in 2010. The results are presented in a summary report, available at Our work suggests that advances in and the wider adoption of technology (especially digital technology) will lead to improved health outcomes. An important challenge is to address behaviours that put wellness at risk.

Earlier this year, we have initiated the Global North 2050 Project and made it the subject of the 2011 Jasper Innovation Forum. The objective of the Project is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the long-term future of the North (we selected the year 2050 as the reference year), with the view to identifying strategies and actions that should be taken now to ensure sustainability of the North and the rest of the world. An overview of the Global North 2050 Project is given at Since the North is complex and affects not only countries and people in the North, our work is multi-national and multi-sectoral. The report of the 2011 Jasper Innovation Forum will be available early next year, and I would be pleased to send you a copy or web-link.

The members of AITF join me in wishing you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year (


Axel Meisen, C.M., Ph.D., P.Eng., Eurlng, FCAE
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