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Health Research - Weekly News

Contents   1) Canadian Hemophilia Society - 2nd CALL for Applications   2) Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR):     a) CIHR-LAS COPD Masters Award     b) Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal - Healthcare System Financing, Sustainability and Governance   The information included in this email message is also posted at the following URL:
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *   1) Canadian Hemophilia Society - 2nd CALL for Applications Deadline: November 15, 2011 (Grant period of April 2012 to March 2013)

- Dream of a Cure, CHS Research Program

- Summer 2012 Dream of a Cure Studentships in Hemophilia Research

- Hemostasis Fellowship Program in collaboration with CSL Behring and AHCDC

- Care Until Cure Research Program in collaboration with Pfizer


Supporting research towards improving the quality of life for people with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders and finding a cure have been goals of the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) since it was founded in 1953. Since 1989, through funds provided by the Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club and the CHS, the Society has made available basic scientific research grants and studentships aimed at developing treatments for hemophilia and finding a cure. 


Dream of a Cure, the CHS Research Program and the 2012 Dream of a Cure Summer Studentships in Hemophilia Research Program application forms as well as the general criteria and conditions are available by accessing the CHS Web site at For Dream of a Cure, individual grants will be awarded to researchers for one to two years for amounts up to $75,000 per year while support will be offered to two interested Canadian medical or science students for up to 4 months for a maximum stipend of $6,000per student.   



In addition, application forms as well as the general criteria and conditions for the Hemostasis Fellowship Program, a Fellowship in Congenital and Acquired Bleeding Disorders, which is the result of a collaborative effort between CSL Behring, the CHS and the Association of Hemophilia Clinic Directors of Canada (AHCDC), are available by accessing the CHS Web site at


The goal of this ongoing annual research program that encompasses a one-year fellowship appointment, valued at $75,000, is to provide fellows in hematology or other relevant fields the opportunity to acquire clinical or research skills necessary to improve care, treatment and quality of the lives of patients with hemophilia and other congenital or acquired bleeding disorders.



You will also find at the information for the Care until Cure Research Program offered by the CHS in collaboration with Pfizer. Please note that the CHS will not be accepting new applications at this time for 2012. The funds have been earmarked for second year projects which began in 2011. Should new funds become available for 2012, a call for new applications will be issued.



If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Michel Long at the CHS National Office at 1-800-668-2686 or by e-mail at

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2) Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR):   a) CIHR-LAS COPD Masters Award  

Here is a link to the details of the funding for the COPD Masters award that the Lung Association of Saskatchewan is providing in partnership with CIHR:


The relevance criteria are that the project must address COPD and must be done in Saskatchewan.


The dates are:

Application Deadline


Anticipated Notice of Decision


Funding Start Date



The maximum amount awarded for a single award is $17,500 per annum for up to 1 year.


Please contact me if you have any other questions.


Brian Graham, CEO

Lung Association of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, SK Canada


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  b) Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal - Healthcare System Financing, Sustainability and Governance


· Registration Deadline: November 8, 2011
· Full Application Deadline: January 10, 2012
· Competition Results Announced: March 2012
· Funds Available: $100,000 for 6 months


Policy decisions must be made quickly — so quickly that research can often be left behind. Expedited Knowledge Synthesis speeds up the research process so that the best evidence arrives just in time for policy.


The chance to make an impact couldn't be greater. Ever-increasing cost pressures, coupled with the current fiscal environment, attention on the upcoming expiration of the 2004 Health Accord, and an appetite for new models of financing and delivering care have created an exciting opportunity for researchers to contribute to health care renewal in Canada.


A series of priority synthesis questions related to health care financing and funding, sustainability of the health care system, as well as governance and accountability have been identified by collaborating Ministries of Health across Canada and are detailed within this Funding Opportunity. Research teams interested in answering one or more of these questions are invited to register with CIHR by November 8, 2011. For each synthesis question, a teleconference will be held with registered teams and the relevant ministry partner to discuss and refine the synthesis question. Teleconference dates/times (end of November) will be provided to registered teams.


For researchers this is a rare opportunity to work directly with senior-level policy-makers. For policy-makers, this is an opportunity to have access to high-quality research syntheses, tailored to their needs, and in their hands quickly.


How to apply:


For more information: Contact Jennifer Campbell at (613) 941-0805 or

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