Health Research - Weekly News

Health Research - Weekly News


1) Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR):   a) ResearchNet - Electronic Approvals   b) September 2011 RPP Funding for CIHR Operating Grant or New Investigator Award   c) Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal   2) Grand Challenges Canada - Request for Proposals     The information included in this email message is also posted at the following URL:
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *   1) Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR):   a) ResearchNet - Electronic Approvals


CIHR has recently added five additional CIHR grant programs to the eApproval process on ResearchNet.  These programs are:


Randomized Controlled Trials: Mentoring

Proof of Principle Program - Phase I

Proof of Principle Program - Phase II

Partnerships for Health System Improvement (PHSI)

Knowledge Synthesis Grant


This means that for these programs all applications will be electronically directed to the Research Institution for approval. Once the applications are approved, the Research Institution will be submitting the applications electronically to CIHR on behalf of the applicant.   


If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Research Services.


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b) September 2011 RPP Funding for CIHR Operating Grant or New Investigator Award


Dear CIHR applicants: If you wish to be considered for Regional Partnership Funding of your CIHR operating grant or new investigator award application, please see important information below regarding


·         Eligibility rules

·         Relevance Form on ResearchNet denoting how your research fits one or more of the provincial (SHRF’S) research priorities


Please note that it would be beneficial to you to access the following links:;


To be eligible for RPP Operating Grant or New Investigator Salary Award funding in the September 2011 competition you are required to have an internal review. Further, you will be required to submit a completed Relevance form to the Priority Announcement for the RPP at time of application on ResearchNet describing how your proposed research fits within one or more of the Priority areas.


You may be ineligible if there has been a change in your researcher status from where the award is held – ie. leave, extended leave or departure.


Your CIHR Operating Grant will be ineligible for RPP funding in the following events:

-       A nominated principal investigator cannot hold two RPP operating grants simultaneously

-       The renewal (i.e. first re-application) of an RPP operating grant is ineligible for RPP support. In other words, consecutive RPP funding is not allowed for the same project.


If you have any further questions regarding RPP eligibility, please contact


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c) Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal


The Canadian Institutes of Health Research's new Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal (EIHR) initiative will support researchers and decision makers to work together to advance the current state of knowledge, generate novel and creative solutions, and translate evidence for uptake into policy and practice to strengthen Canada's healthcare systems.

The EIHR initiative focuses on three priority areas: financing and funding models; health system sustainability; and governance and accountability. Innovation in these areas will require contributions from a wide range of disciplines and methodological approaches. Health services and health policy research would greatly benefit from contributions from economics, political science, sociology, philosophy, law, and other relevant fields, and from the involvement of policy makers, decision makers and healthcare providers.

The EIHR initiative's first set of funding opportunities, Knowledge Synthesis grants, will support innovative syntheses that advance the current state of knowledge and contribute to evidence-informed decision-making within EIHR's three priority areas. These grants are launched today and can be accessed on Research Net on the following website

Stay tuned for more EIHR funding opportunities being launched this coming July including Partnerships for Health System Improvement grants, Policy Analysis grants, Advancing Theories and Methodological Innovations grants, and Fellowship and Post-doctoral Research Awards.

To learn more about the EIHR initiative, including upcoming funding opportunities priority research areas, and other important news, contact Michael at or Meghan at

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2) Grand Challenges Canada - Request for Proposals


Hypertension/High Blood Pressure: Reducing the Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke


Grand Challenges Canada, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the International Development Research Centre, and the Canadian Stroke Network are pleased to have recently announced a Request for Proposals on Implementation Research on Hypertension in Low- and Middle-Income Countries as part of an all-Canadian approach to address the global burden of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


Non-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular disease, are increasingly the focus of attention in global health. In September of this year, the United Nations will host a high-level meeting on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. 


For the Request for Proposals, see:


The Request for Proposals emphasizes implementation science and focuses on high blood pressure prevention and control applicable to populations in low- and middle-income countries and aboriginal communities within Canada and abroad.


This program on hypertension is part of the first cycle of research funding from the Global Alliance for Chronic Disease, which is a partnership among the six largest national health research funding agencies. 


The McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health is proud that the Chair of the Global Alliance for Chronic Disease is Dr. Abdallah S. Daar, the Centre’s Director of Ethics and Commercialization. Indeed, the Global Alliance was born as a result of a prioritization exercise in non-communicable disease led by Dr. Daar, and published in Nature in November 2007 (


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