Global Report on Human Settlements - Cities and Climate Change

Every two years, UN Habitat releases a report on human settlements.  For 2011, the focus of the report was on cities and climate change.  It highlights the role that cities play in contributing to climate change, the impacts of climate change on cities and on the potential for action in cities for mitigation and adaptation.  It also identifies some innovative measures that have been implemented from around the world to address the issue.  Visit the website below to download the full report, an abridged version or chapter by chapter.



Workshop description

The workshop that we are planning for September 2012 is titled ESTABLISHING A MULTISTAKEHOLDER PROCESS FOR PARTICIPATORY DECISION-MAKING.

This training session will advance sustainable development objectives by encouraging participants to engage in local decision making processes which help to protect the environment and the health of citizens.  This is a holistic approach to ensuring a vibrant community where business thrives in balance with but not at the expense of people or the environment.

I have been part of three presentations or versions of this in Vancouver, Nanjing and Rio de Janeiro.  The workshop in Naples is the first time we have the opportunity to do a 3 hour training session.  Past events have included up to 70 participants from 22 countries.  We have been very encouraged by the participants to do more workshops.

At this point it looks like two of us would be going pending funding.  That was why the request for funding.


Jim Elliott

Attendance at the World Urban Forum

I am currently working to attend the World Urban Forum at Naples, Italy this fall.  I am working with others in Canada to do a training workshop on multi-stakeholder consultation and decision-making.  At this point I am trying to find funding for this.  It would likely cost about $5000 to attend.  Any places where I could get funding?