Four Directions Community Health Centre

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Four Directions Community Health Centre
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Four Directions  is located in North-Central Regina promotes individual, family and community health and wellness. It provides healing, inclusive of all people, honouring individual uniqueness, meeting community needs through the use of the Medicine Wheel and holistic practices to help people get, and stay, healthy.  Involvement of community Elders, residents and staff have brought a distinct Aboriginal character to the Four Directions Community Health Centre. Four Directions offers primary health care, addictions services, prenatal programming, programming for families, programming for children and food security programs.  Many of the programs have an educational aspect to them.  For instance, the prenatal programming includes prenatal classes as well as the "Healthiest Babies Possible Program". 

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Health promotion; 4 Directions; Four Directions; Four Directions Community Health Centre; prenatal classes; Healthiest Babies Possible Program; programming; families; mothers; children; food security; primary health care; addictions
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