Food Secure Saskatchewan

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Don Mitchell, Coordinator
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Food Secure Saskatchewan is a coalition of individuals and groups working toward, or interested in, achieving food security for all Saskatchewan citizens by way of a healthy and sustainable food system.  The purpose of FSS is to improve food security in our province through coordinated, community-led action. FSS works to stimulate policy change and encourage the development of a comprehensive, integrated food security strategy.

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Food Security, Local food, sustainable food system
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Food Secure Saskatchewan Works to: Advocate for, and work towards, improved food security policies and programs for Saskatchewan citizens; Enhance the skills and knowledge of the membership and their community partners; Foster coordination among groups who work to improve food security in the province; Provide support and information (including publications, research and other important food information) to groups working in the delivery of front line food security initiatives and policies.

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Public awareness, for example, through the media (informal education)