Food Freedom events upcoming (rallies next week in Regina and Saskatoon, film screening in Regina in December)

Canadian Food Freedom Rally - Regina
Where: in front of the Legisture Building
Time: Wednesday Nov 23 12:00pm 45--60 minutes
Contact: Katy Helliwell  306-585-3320

Canadian Food Freedom Rally - Saskatoon
Where: in front of City Hall
When: Wednesday Nov 23 12:00pm 45-60 minutes
Contact: Davidson WAPF Leader Carol Ritchie McBride 306-567-2002 or 1-877-899-8109

Farmagedon - The Unseen War on American Family Farms
Where: Regina Public Library
When: Dec 10, 2011  7:00- 9:00pm
Contact: Regina WAPF Chapter Leader - Jana Kutarna  586-0887