Farmageddon @ RPL, December 10

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This looks like a really interesting film at the Regina Public Library Film Theatre:

Date:    December 10, 2011
Time:    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Occurence:    Dec 10, 2011
Posted by:    FilmTheatre
Location:    RPL Film Theatre


(USA 2011, 90 min.) Rating TBA

``There is a lot going on in Farmageddon, Kristin Canty`s anxiety-laden documentary about government oversight of our farming and food production. Part consumer-rights advocacy, part abuse-of-power exposé, the film dances between the two as if uncertain where to settle. But though neither thread is as fully developed as we might want, Ms. Canty`s main concern - that agribusiness is employing government agencies to harass small, independent farmers - comes through loud and clear. Using the government crackdown on the sale of raw milk as a gateway to her larger argument, Ms. Canty produces distressing evidence of victimization and excessive force on the part of official agencies. Although food-related illness has so far been traced almost exclusively to the industrial food chain, federal and state enforcers seem more concerned with monitoring small organic farmers than large-scale livestock producers, genetically modified products (which do not require labeling) or the abuses of factory farming.  ``Regulators are barking up the wrong tree,`` the farmer Joel Salatin insists, while other interviewees see a ``revolving door`` between agribusiness and the United States Department of Agriculture. Surveillance film of armed raids on seemingly innocuous businesses - an Ohio food co-op and a Mennonite farm in Pennsylvania - pumps up a paranoia that more searching interviews with government representatives might have diluted. Nonetheless, the film`s homespun quality (Ms. Canty, whose childlike voice provides intermittent narration, simply describes herself in the publicity notes as ``the mom of four kids``) works in its favor, as does its maker`s agitated sincerity. Not content to cry over spilled raw milk, she has made a movie whose claims, if accurate, should give us all food for thought.`` New York Times

Presented in celebration of Terra Madre Day, Slow Food International`s annual ``day of action``. Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization that was founded in Italy in 1989 to counter the rise of fast food and the disappearance of local food traditions. Each year more than 1,000 events celebrating `eating locally` and sustainable food production are held across the world.