Education for Sustainable Development Recognition Program: Nominations Now Open


Do you know of a project that deserves recognition for building capacity in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)? Are you leading or participating in such a project? The Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development Saskatchewan (RCE Saskatchewan) Recognition Program provides recognition to innovative projects, research, and other activities promoting Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the prairie region. Nominations are now open for submission for the fourth annual ESD Recognition Event. RCE Saskatchewan invites nominations to be submitted by May 1, 2012. The event will be tentatively held on June 7, 2012 in Regina, Saskatchewan. Project leaders will receive a certificate of recognition, promotion of their project at the event and on the RCE Saskatchewan website, and an opportunity to network with other project recognition recipients and RCE Saskatchewan members. Media will also be alerted to the event.

Some important areas of sustainable development include:

 1.  Building sustainable communities

 2.  Climate change

 3.  Farming and local food production

 4.  Health and healthy lifestyles

 5.  Reconnecting to natural prairie ecosystems

 6.  Sustainable infrastructure including water and energy

 7.  Bridging and sustaining cultures

Nominations may be submitted by the individual or organization, or by someone else, who believe(s) the project is worthy of recognition. "Education for sustainable development aims at promoting reflection and discernment in our region that helps us identify and pursue paths to sustainability. Such paths lead to ongoing improvements in quality of life while sustaining healthy ecosystems. They promote active environmental stewardship, social justice, and intergenerational equity" (RCE Saskatchewan website). Projects should address education for sustainable development, including the three pillars of environmental stewardship, social justice, and economic development such that the project strengthens one or more pillars while not damaging any of the other pillars.

 Projects must:

-    Build capacity for ESD in Saskatchewan;

-    Educate others (either formally, informally, or non-formally) about the importance of becoming more sustainable;

-    Take place, at least in part, in Saskatchewan;

-    Have achieved significant milestones at the time of application;

-   Not have been recognized at prior RCE Recognition Events or, if previously recognized, have had further innovations and significant accomplishments since the earlier recognition event.

You are also welcome to submit photos along with your application. 

The nomination form can be found at the RCE Saskatchewan website: under the 'Events' heading. More details about the event can be found there, including a list of recipients from last year.

Please pass this information on to others who might know of projects to be nominated.

Yours in healthy living,


Adrienne Billings

RCE Saskatchewan Event Coordinator

Ph:    (306) 535-1588



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