Eco-Centre - Craik Sustainable Living Project

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Town of Craik; RM of Craik #222
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This multipurpose facility, which opened July 3rd, 2004, features innovative and energy efficient building design and integrated heating, cooling and renewable energy systems. The facility serves as a focal point for indoor and outdoor demonstration and educational programming on sustainability. The Eco-Centre is located just east of the Louis Riel Trail  (Highway #11), one of the busiest and well-maintained highways in Saskatchewan, situated approximately midway between Saskatoon and Regina. The Eco-Centre is located on the edge of the scenic Arm River Valley, overlooking Arm Lake, Craik and District Regional Park and next to the Craik and District Golf Course.  Funding for the Eco-Centre is being generated through:

   1. Fund raising campaigns such as 'Buy a Bale' and the 'Green Lottery'

   2. Corporate, foundation and organizational sponsorship

   3. In-kind contributions and volunteer service

   4. A grant and loan from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Green Municipal Funds.


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Opened July 3,2004. Ongoing.

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Craik, eco-village, eco-centre, energy efficient, building design, renewable energy
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Informal - This is a demonstration project with material for viewing at 


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Public awareness, for example, through the media (informal education)