Craik Sustainable Living Project Health Committee Walking Program

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Crystal Stinson
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1) Purpose – to provide to community residents a safe, accessible indoor walking venue throughout the winter months

2) Importance - The walking program enhances community residents’ personal walking programs during months when limitations typically exist. As well, the program extends specifically to sufferers of cardio obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

3) Issues addressed – safety during the winter months, accessibility, regular scheduling, value of socialization

4) Target groups – Although all community residents have access to the program, there is a specific target group, that is those suffering with COPD and currently the subject of a collaborative treatment program initiated by the Five Hills Health Region and the Craik Doctor’s Office.

5) Venue – the Craik School gymnasium

6) Timeline – January 31 through school closing at the end of June

7) Genesis – As part of the CSLP health committee’s action plan commitments, the decision was made to provide for an indoor walking venue for those who desired to begin or continue their personal walking program in an accessible environment during the months when weather and safely issues are typically the limiting factors.

8) Accomplishments – successful launch of the program, widespread community knowledge about the availability of the program, integration of a series of “pedometer challenges”, average of 15 walkers per session, successful collaboration featuring the CSLP health committee, the Five Hills Health Region, Craik School and the Craik Doctor’s Office, improved health of participants



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January 31 through school closing at the end of June

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Walking program
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Public awareness, for example, through the media (informal education)
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Community participants of assorted ages (youngest was 4; oldest was 85) have enjoyed the daily scheduled walks

Since the program is open to all community residents, those who are regular participants are enjoying the health benefits of daily exercise. COPD sufferers have been provided the venue and social supports needed to help with the treatment of their condition. The program is proving beneficial for those participants who normally would not engage in regular exercise especially during the difficult winter months.

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Data from recognition event 2011