Cinema Politica - Addicted to Plastic - Classroom CL112, University of Regina, Thursday, July 14, 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, July 14, 7:00 pm - Classroom CL112, University of Regina

ADDICTED TO PLASTIC encompasses three years of filming in 12 countries
on 5 continents, including two trips to the middle of the Pacific Ocean
where plastic debris accumulates. From styrofoam cups to artificial
organs, plastics are perhaps the most ubiquitous and versatile material
ever invented. No invention in the past 100 years has had more influence
and presence than synthetics. But such progress has had a cost. For
better and for worse, no ecosystem or segment of human activity has
escaped the shrink-wrapped grasp of plastic. Addicted To Plastic is a
global journey to investigate what we really know about the material of
a thousand uses and why there's so darn much of it. On the way we
discover a toxic legacy, and the men and women dedicated to cleaning it