"Bison on the Edge" Conference


The Sturgeon River Plains Bison Stewards are pleased to announce an upcoming international conference on plains bison to be held in Big River, Saskatchewan on June 8-10, 2010. The conference, called Bison on the Edge, brings together local, national and international expertise on plains bison and on the management of large wildlife in the agricultural/wildlands interface.


Presentations will include the historical and cultural context for plains bison as well as Aboriginal perspectives on bison. International speakers will include Dawn Montanye with the Northern Great Plains Program of the World Wildlife Fund; Keith Aune, with the Wildlife Conservation Society in Montana; and Steven Neki, from Uganda, with a presentation on gorilla and elephant conservation in Bwindi National Park, adjacent to communities and agricultural lands. Dr. Daniel Fortin from Laval University will present the results of several years of research on the Sturgeon River plains bison. Dr. Cormack Gates, of the University of Calgary and co-chair of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Bison Specialist Group and Parks Canada will provide overviews and background on the history of bison in North America. Speakers will also address local landowners’ experiences and perspectives, and will discuss wildlife viewing and other tourism opportunities and potential.

Conference Agenda Attached.

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