Birding for Beginners - Nature Regina and Bruce Kellett

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Bruce Kellett
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Birding for Beginners by Nature Regina and Bruce Kellett is a non-formal educational opportunity run as a not-for profit activity. The intent is to transform passive interest in birds to active interest in birding and bird initiatives. This program is available to the general public and, therefore, welcomes participation by anyone with an interest in birds. Participants are encouraged to apply their newly learned skills in the field on their own and to report back to the group. They are acknowledged for their efforts and lauded for their discoveries. The program adapts to the group. The objective is to transfer knowledge, which often requires creating challenges for various levels of experience. Prairie ecosystems and their inhabitants are under increasing pressure from various sources - farming, development, global warming, and more. In its recent report titled "The State of the World's Birds" the conservation group Bird Life International outlined the dramatic decline in bird populations across the world, and the need for immediate action on conservation and awareness efforts in the preservation of bird species and habitats. During the course, Birding for Beginners, the participants learned the basics of bird identification, classification and behaviour. The course also covered birding ethics and conservation of various bird habitats, including prairie ecosystems.



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Birding; knowledge transfer; informal education; awareness; field trip
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Informal - awareness

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Public awareness, for example, through the media (informal education)
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Nature Regina sponsors

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