Acreage Living: A Conservation Guide For Owners and Developers Of Natural Habitats

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Chet Neufeld
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The Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan has developed and published a guide for landowners and developers to aid in conserving and/or restoring land to provide habitat for native fauna and flora.  Planning, design, and management are covered, and topics range from soil erosion and water conservation to enjoyment of natural areas.

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Acreage living, habitat conservation, rural living, wildlife habitat development, management, informal education, awareness
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Awareness education for habitat conservation/restoration planning and design.

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Public awareness, for example, through the media (informal education)
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Habitat Stewardship Program, Environment Canada; Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan; Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment; Ducks Unlimited Canada; Browning Design Inc.; Saskatchewan Watershed Authority; Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration; Land Stewardship Centre of Canada

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