2 Degrees Tour

David Noble, a colleague I've met through various climate change-related discussions, is planning what seems to be an amazing "2 degrees tour" this fall.  Here's a blurb from the website to describe it: 

2degreesC is pleased to announce David Noble’s North American speaking tour coming in Fall 2009. Together with local guests in communities in 20+ cities, David will be sharing stories and inspiration about the possibilities for transcendent citizen responses to the climate crisis.

We are looking for engagements with two target audiences: richly diverse general public audiences and young person groups (i.e. high school and university). If you are interested in (co-) hosting a school-based or community event, please contact us, and we'll work together to organize an exciting event that you won't soon forget.

The tour comes on the heels of a major international agreement to limit global warming to a maximum of 2 degrees C, and less than 100 days before the Copenhagen climate negotiations, where 192 countries are to thrash out a global agreement to avert catastrophic climate change. This is a historical occasion, the outcome of which will shape the course of human development forever.

More details can be found on the blog at: http://2degreestour.com/?page_id=75

I spoke to David about the tour and the possibility of him coming to Saskatchewan last week.  He is hoping that his tour to various communities will help to advance something or create the opportunity to inspire actions.  He believes that there is a lot of action required to promote a cultural shift related to climate change that will lead essentially to a cultural transformation.  In terms of an outcome of the tour, he's hoping it will generate some energy and commitment, while the principle intent is to motivate!

Various universities, mostly in Ontario and Alberta it seems at the moment have committed to bring him in.  Some are using it as an opportunity to introduce a class topic or project while others are using it to kick-off other climate change-related events already planned in their communities. 

If there was enough energy and interest in bringing the tour to Regina (and/or Saskatoon) possible dates could be the first week of October (between the 6th and 9th) or late October (either the 27th or 28th or Nov. 2nd).

The cost for public events is $4000 minimum.  For high schools, the cost is $1500 and for universities the cost is $2500. Travel would be extra in all cases (approx. $1500).

I am forwarding this to all RCE groups given the broad impact that climate change has so there may be different angles that you think that a presentation through this tour could take. 

Please post your thoughts, ideas and such about this opportunity and whether there is interest and money to bring the tour to our province.  Or flip me an email to discuss further at ksare@regina.ca