Sask RCE Website Upgrade and Maintenance

The Sask RCE Website will be undergoing a large upgrade and site maintenance in early July. As such, the Sask RCE site will be off-line and unavailable from July 4, 2007 through July 6, 2007.

We thank you for your patience during this time

Sask RCE Website Administrator

UNU RCE Bulletin Issue #1, June 2007 Available

I will simply paste the information we have received from the UNU regarding this important publication along with the bulletin attachment.--Roger

Dear RCE Communities and Future RCEs,
I hope this message finds you well. We are pleased to announce that the RCE Bulletin First Issue is now ready for circulation. We appreciate the considerable contributions from many RCEs for this issue. It will be accessible from our website in mid July as well. If you have suggestions for improvement or further contributions, please directly contact our communication officer, Sampreethi Aipanjiguly at:
Best wishes for your rich RCE activities,
Nami Akimoto
Programme Support Assistant for EfSD Programme
United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies

First Nations University Restoration Project and Demonstration Garden UPDATE

First Nations University Restoration Project and Demonstration Garden UPDATE

This is an update to the information that I posted a few days ago. Due to the persistence of supporters for the FNUniv Restoration Project, the area will not be mowed until September! This is very good news because the site is beautiful right now and the project has been very successful. It is a great teaching and research resource. Please come by and have a look if you have not yet!

In addition, I would like to set up a meeting for the RCE Native Prairie Focus Group. Please let me know what your schedule is in early July. It would be great if we could set up a meeting within the next two weeks.

Online Consultation for UN Decade on Education for SD

Online Consultation on the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
An online consultation about the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) 2005-2014 is currently underway. The exchange of innovative projects and ideas, in English and French will continue until 30 June 2007. Many countries have mobilized for the UN DESD since its launch in 2005. This online consultation will help to prepare an assessment of the progress and achievements on the first two years of the DESD. UNESCO invites members of education communities worldwide to participate in its online discussion forums on this and other education themes. To register for the online consultation on DESD, visit the UNESCO website.:

First Nations University Restoration Project and Demonstration Garden

As some of you know I am working on establishing a native plant demonstration garden just outside (west of) the First Nations University in Regina. We planted a lot of plants about two weeks ago and it is starting to look nice, i.e. some plants such as Gaillardia and Brown-Eyed Susan are flowering.

In addition, the native prairie restoration project at the First Nations University that was started about 3 years ago is looking great. The restoration site is located just west of the building. It was seeded to a number of native plant species such as June grass, Northern wheatgrass, Prairie sage, Gaillardia, Brown-Eyed Susan, Wild flax etc. and many of these species are flowering right now. It is probably one of the best restoration projects in SK! It is really worth seeing and I recommend that you go by the site sometimes soon. There is a possibility that the site is mowed before the end of June, something that we are in the middle of trying to stop! If you want to help us protect this restoration site, please send me an e-mail and I will forward your concerns to the right person.

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