Regina Public Library Seminar on Reducing Your Environmental Impact, April 18, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
7:00-8:00 pm
You can be green! In honour of Earth Day, The Connaught Branch of the Regina
Public Library invites you to learn about some of the amazing programs,
businesses and cooperatives in Regina that can help you reduce
your environmental impact.  In quick, 10-minute segments,
businesses such as Regina Car Share Cooperative, EcoFarm Community
Supported Agriculture, Regina Cooperative Housing Initiative, City of
Regina Composting Program and OnlyGreen Products will tell you what
you can do to help our environment. **Registration is required.   Connaught Branch
3435-13th Avenue

Health, Environment and Fracking: Ethnographic Field School - Summer School in Indiana, Pennsylvania

Date: Monday, April 16, 2012
Subject: Health, Environment and Fracking: Ethnographic Field School

Health, Environment and Fracking: Ethnographic Field School

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Indiana, Pennsylvania

July 9 - August 12, 2012

If you are looking for a summer experiential learning opportunity, and
if you're interested in learning more about issues related to
hydraulic fracturing (or fracking), you may want to consider the
ethnographic field school offered at Indiana University of Pennsylvana
from July 9 - August 12, 2012, in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  The field
school is offered for 6 credits at the advanced undergraduate or
graduate level.

We will be exploring methods in applied ethnographic research,
including film-making, interviews, oral history, and participatory
mapping, among others, through looking at the social impacts of
Marcellus Shale development in Indiana county in southwestern

The course will be divided into three sections: in-class work where
students learn about anthropological and sociological analyses of the
issues related to hydraulic fracturing, and methods students will use
in the field. During this first period students will develop a project
that fits their particular interests and the aims of the field school.
In the second part of the field school students, working in groups or
independently (under the guidance of the professors), will gather data
related to their project's focus. Finally, in the third section of the
field school, students will collaborate on an analysis and
presentation of their work.

The field school will be taught by three IUP professors: Dr. Amanda
Poole (Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology) who has
expertise in environmental anthropology, political ecology and
community-based resource management; Dr. James Dougherty (Assistant
Professor in the Department of Sociology) who focuses on Appalachian
Studies, Working Class Studies, globalization and social change; and
Dr. Anastasia Hudgins (Assistant Professor in the Department of
Anthropology) who will emphasize issues related to visual anthropology
and medical anthropology.

If you would like to attend the field school, please don't hesitate to
contact us for more information or an application,

Amanda Poole (

Anastasia Hudgins (

Jim Dougherty (

Anastasia Hudgins
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

RCE Facilitation Group Meeting May 10, 2012, 3:00-4:30 p.m.

Dear RCE Working Group Coordinators, RCE Partners, and Regional Representatives,

There will be an important meeting of the RCE Facilitation Group on Thursday, May 10, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. The RCE Facilitation Group is designed to help facilitate the work of the RCE, connecting our various working groups and partners and acting to facilitate international collaboration with other RCEs and the UN University. For those in Regina, a meeting room has been booked in Luther College at the University of Regina, Room 207. We also will be using Skype for participation by other centres (Saskatoon, Craik, and Nipawin) and for those unable to attend in person in Regina. If possible it would be great if individuals in other centres could perhaps come together in their respective communities to participate in the meeting.

The RCE Facilitation Group provides an important opportunity for knowledge sharing between communities within the RCE region and between sustainability issue areas. In addition there will be updates regarding the UN University, the Rio +20 Conference, and the upcoming 7th Global RCE Conference in Korea in September. Important issues to be discussed at this meeting also include:

(1) the upcoming RCE ESD Recognition Event on June 7, 2012, in Regina (note: deadline for applications is May 1, 2012--please encourage projects to apply; see
(2) the upcoming RCE/SEdA Event on June 7-8, 2012, in Regina and opportunities for participation
(3) structural issues of the RCE (including whether or not to proceed with legal incorporation and opening a separate bank account)
(4) in-kind and financial support for ongoing RCE activities and a possible RCE secretariat

The success of the meeting will very much be enhanced by participation of our RCE working group coordinators, representatives of our 8 higher education partners and other community partners, and our two regions (the Midlakes Community Coalition (including Craik) and the NorthEast region (including Nipawin). Please feel free to send a designate for your organization if you are unable to attend.

Any agenda items to should be sent to us so that these can be included. A formal agenda will be circulated closer to the meeting date. If you plan to participate by Skype, please forward this Skype information as well so we can contact you.

Best wishes and we look forward to your participation on Thursday, May 10.


Roger Petry and Lyle Benko
Co-coordinators, RCE Facilitation Group
RCE Saskatchewan

Climate Change Policy Rankings by Canadian Jurisdictions

The following article discusses the David Suzuki Foundation's findings on climate change policies in Canada and opportunities for action.

REMINDER: Deadline for applications for the 2012 RCE Recognition Event is May 1


Good afternoon,

I would like to remind you of the upcoming Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Recognition Event. The event will take place on June 7 from 9:30AM - 2:00PM at the Wascana Centre (2900 Wascana Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan) and will recognize the innovative and creative ways that individuals and organizations are working to advance ESD in Saskatchewan. 

The deadline to submit applications for consideration is on May 1. I have once again attached the call for nominations as well as the nomination application form to this email message. I invite you to submit an application for projects that you are working on or other ESD projects that you feel deserve recognition. Possible areas of educational work for sustainable development include:

- Building sustainable communities
- Climate change
- Farming and local food production
- Health and healthy lifestyles
- Reconnecting to natural prairie ecosystems
- Sustainable infrastructure including water and energy
- Cultural adaptation for sustainability

I would appreciate if you could pass this reminder on to others through your email contacts, websites, and listservers. If you are interested in applying for a recognition award but have not yet submitted an application, please send me an email so I know that you are interested. Completed applications can also be sent to my e-mail address at the bottom of this e-mail message.

For more information on this year's event, to see projects from past winners, and to obtain an application form, please visit our ESD Recognition Event webpage at:

We look forward to receiving your submissions.


Adrienne Billings
RCE RecognitionEvent Coordinator 
Ph:              (306) 535-1588      


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