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Food policy - Marla Carlson

The Fair Deal, Farmer Direct Co-operative

Manages the relationship between farmers and buyers.

Fiar Deal seal:  Stands for fair contracting, social justice, stewardhip/sustainability, transparency and traceability

We need to recognize the people are part of nature, and food is a good way to achieve this.

Food policy - Pat

Pat is an organic farmer

People were farming organically before pesticides existed.

Use of pesticides has impacts on personal health

Organic farmers cooperate with nature

Organic farming is mistakenly seen as an uprogressive

Gender (male/female) differences can account for our lack of interest in organic farming.

We need to harness the power of the consumer for demand organic products


food policy - Thomas

Shared Garden Project next to FNUC.

seed saving project - obtain heirloom varieties

Project benefits: skill based, appreciation for food itself, community building, self-esteem in areas of culture and self-reliance

 Food brings people together

Food policy - Yvonne Hanson

Local food:knowledge and production

Food as a nexus to connect with other people and place.

knowledge plays a role in the local food movement


Food policy session - Elaine Sukava

Food: Nexus for sustainability -

Food is an element that connects all of life.

By caring for the natural world, we're caring for ourselves.

Food miles campaign - organic food for all Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Organic directorate -

Local food  - many benefits

educate around organic food production


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